Mass Relations in Chemistry

Chapter overview Using abundance Nitrogen-14 - 14003074amu - 99.632% Nitrogen-15 - 15.00109amu - 0.0368% \((14.00307\cdot0.9623)+(15.00019 \cdot0.00368)=13.95154+0.0552004\) 14.007amu Mole Avogadro’s Number: The number of parts of a mole 6.02x1023 Used to count things that are small For a element: a mole is the atomic mass in grams For a compound: a mole is the formula mass in grams Molar mass: the mass of a mole of elements, grams Molar mas practice $$1\ mol\ S = 32....

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Periodic Trends  [draft]

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Electronic Structure

Practice questions What does light have to do with Chemistry? Answer Light and electrons share similar properties How did the idea of light and its particle and wave characteristics change? Answer At first, it was thought electrons acted as particles and light was waves. This was later changed to say electrons and light can act as both a wave and a particle. How is wavelength and frequency related? In your answer, define both....

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