Into the Wild

Chapter 1 The book starts with a postcard to Wayne Westerberg from Chris saying he might not hear from him again because he is going to ‘walk into the wild’ Jim Gallien is taking him to the edge of the forest to live off the land Chris lacks the necessary equipment but seems self confident Calls himself Alex but is a really nice guy Gallien gives him some food and work boots Thinks when Chris gets hungry he will just come out of the woods Chapter 2 Six people in three different parties find this city bus off the Stampede Trail in Denali National Park A couple is standing there one one group comes in horrified at a sos note on the side of the bus A camera with five rolls of exposed film, the SOS note, and a diary, written on the pages of a field guide to edible plants Chris’s body is so thin they believe starvation killed him Chapter 3 Grain elevator operator Wayne Westerberg picks up Chris on his way to Carthage, South Dakota Chris works for Wayne for a bit Wayne finds on Chris’s tax records that his name is Chris and not Alex which which is what he was told Wayne gets thrown in jail Gives Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace Krakauer reveals that Chris is not southern born as he tells everyone, but is a son of a aerospace engineer, Walt, and his business partner wife who raised their family in Virginia Chris, refused to take his parents offer of them paying for law school and took his car “to disappear for a while” After Walt and Billy don’t see chris for a while, they go down to where they think he is and see his apartment for rent and when they go back, all their letters to him returned in a bundle Chris instructed the post-office to hold his mail for a month Chapter 4 Chris drives off road and when a thunderstorm makes the engine wet, he thinks the car is broken and abandons it Burns all his money Abandons the car because he feels like he needs to break the rules instead of telling authority He walks through the desert without water and almost dies from heat stroke Hitchhikes from Lake Tahoe to Oregon Works on a ranch for a bit for “Crazy Ernie” but leaves when he realizes he was not going to be paid On the highway, Jan Burres and her boyfriend Bob take Chris....

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Guddu and Saroo are stealing coal from a train Almost get caught, dangous work Buys 2 packes of milk with it Mom goes to work The whole family is very poor She is a laborer and carrys rocks Guddu the older brother leaves while she is working to also work Saroo, the younger brother wants to come as well “I can lift anything” Gudoo takes him but when Saroo is too tired and sleeps on a bench, he leaves him their saying he will come back for him Saroo wakes up at night and Guddu has disappeared Gets on a train, alone He passes people who doesn’t do anything when he crys for help Ends up in West Bangle 1600km from his home Sleeps in the train station with some other homeless peopole Wakes up and security guards force the homeless people out Proabably not allowed to sleep at the trains station Guards show no care for how young Guddu is and Guddu runs off Gets some food from a bowl at a religious statue Finds a woman who takes him in Feeds and washes him “Everyone has to work” A man is there when he wakes up and says he will help search for his family Says he came very far for him Tells him to come closer, closer....

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Periodic Trends  [draft]

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Electronic Structure

Practice questions What does light have to do with Chemistry? Answer Light and electrons share similar properties How did the idea of light and its particle and wave characteristics change? Answer At first, it was thought electrons acted as particles and light was waves. This was later changed to say electrons and light can act as both a wave and a particle. How is wavelength and frequency related? In your answer, define both....

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A Midsummer Night's Dream

Notes on the Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Bolded points are important events while unbolded points are more deeper analysis or smaller events. Act 1 Scene 1 Theseus, the Duke of Athens is going to marry Hippolyta The wedding is in 4 days Theseus is very nervous He wants to impress Hippolyta to foreshadow nice things in their relationship Tells Philostrate to organize entertainment Egeus wants his daughter, Hermia, to marry Demetrius even though she wants to marry Lysander....

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DNA, RNA, and Protein Synthesis


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Vocab 15

Test 3/13 Flashcards

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Honors Biology Cellular Respiration Quiz Tutoring

Quizlet Stanley’s My own flashcard system Formulas Alcohol Fermentation formula C6H12O6 –Zymase –> 2C2H5OH + 2CO2 Cellular Respiration formula 6O2 + C6H12O6 –> 6CO2 + 6H2O + energy General Information Enzyme is used in alcohol Fermentation Zymase Alcohol Fermentation’s waste Ethanol and CO2 as waste Site of Alcohol Fermentation Yeast Creation of Alcohol Fermentation Eduard Buchner, 1897 ATP Adenosine Triphosphate - stores and releases energy calorie The amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of one gram of water one degree Celsius...

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Unit 3

Quizlet The 7 articles Unit three is all about the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution was created separated into 7 articles. Each article contributing to make a complete government. The Preamble The Preamble is the first paragraph in the Constitution. Its goal is to introduce and explain what the Constitution will accomplish. It also describes the purpose of government (remember learning about what the purpose of government is?). It starts with the famous three words “We the people” signifying self-government, a type of government where people govern themselves....

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Honors Biology Biochem Tutoring

Vocab Biochemistry Biochemistry is the branch of science concerned with the chemical and physicochemical processes and substances that occur within living organisms. The three Subatomic particles. Proton Found in the nucleus of an atom, the clump in the middle. It has a positive charge. Remember, the Proton has a Positive charge. The number of protons an atom is represented by its atomic number. If it has 3 protons, then it has an atomic number of 3....

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